Fraud Examinations and Investigations

Do you suspect irregular financial or fraudulent activity in your non-profit organization or small business?

Do you need an independent forensic review of financial transactions?

Do you suspect employee embezzlement? Do you need to figure out the scope?

Are you wary of an investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true?

Every day we read of another fraud perpetrated on a business, a non-profit organization, a governmental entity, or on unsuspecting investors. Many of these organizations are subject to routine audits by independent CPAs. Yet the frauds were not detected. Why? Per the American Institute of CPAs, these two declarations may reveal the answer:

The CPA alone cannot prevent fraud.

An audit is not designed to detect error or fraud that is immaterial to the financial statements.

Fiduciary Foresight’s certified fraud examination and private investigation services can help you assess your organization’s transactions, document the findings, and even help you present your case to law enforcement. We can also help you avoid (or detect) Ponzi schemes and other financial traps. We can recommend anti-fraud controls customized for your firm, whether it’s a non-profit (NGO), small business, local unit of government, or an individual investor.

Our independent private investigator and fraud examiner services in and around Kalamazoo County, Michigan include:

  • Fraud Exams and Fraud Investigations
  • Anti-fraud Control Recommendations
  • Reports for Board and/or Law Enforcement
  • Trial Preparation Assistance
  • Supplemental Assistance for Attorneys, CPAs and Investigators

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